What we believe

Breathing life today brings a beautiful future tomorrow

Why Breathe?

Like our breath is invisible, Breathe doesn’t promote “our brand” over the name of Jesus. We want to elevate Jesus and others more than ourselves.

 Breath is like the wind.  In an ever-changing culture we will not move with trends but depend fully on Jesus and the wind of His Spirit on the foundation of His Truth, the Bible. We want to join God in His movement and catch the wind of His sail. We will seek to join in what God is doing rather than ask God to join us in what we are doing.


Gospel saturation is accomplished when every person in the community knows someone who knows Jesus.

A House Built On Prayer

Every movement of God begins with prayer

We can only go as far and as fast as we can on our knees.

Position // Humility – we bow our knees before the Father

Power // Strength – our breathe and life comes from the Holy Spirit

Purity // Belonging – we have relationship with Jesus who dwells in our hearts

Ponder // Dream – we cannot imagine or dream bigger than our God who provides


Our Breathe Communities meet with each other as micro churches, in worship, community, and mission. These communities are built on these principles of prayer and purpose.

A House Built On Purpose

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail

We Breathe

// Worship – a place to connect to our creator and savior

// Community – a place where you belong

// Mission – a place to impact your community and world

We Dream

// S.H.A.P.E. – we have been shaped to serve and be on mission

// Unity in Diversity – we are one in Christ and community, demonstrating beauty and justice

// Gospel Saturation – we bring the good news of Jesus to all people so they can hear, see, and experience the love of Jesus.

We Develop

// Disciples who make disciples – someone who follows Jesus and leads others to do the same

// Leaders who invest in leaders – someone who intentionally listens and properly responds to God, self, and others while creating a beautiful future.

Mission and Mobilization

Help people encounter Jesus, experience community, and embrace mission.

The mission of God is the worship of God, everywhere; so that God would be worshipped among all peoples.

The mission of God is the Mercy of God, everywhere; so that the lost might be found.

The mission of Jesus is the Church and the mission of the Church is to make disciples. Missions is simply taking the Church to where the Church does not yet exist.

Mobilization is the 1881 Principle found in Acts 1:8 and 8:1.  The power of the Holy Spirit that sends and scatters all believers to everyone, everywhere.

We Are…


who journey to sacred places for spiritual reasons. We are on a spiritual quest in pursuit of a beautiful future as we explore and experience life today.

Wisdom Hunters

in search of sound judgment that will help guide our actions and decisions.  The journey begins and ends with character and integrity.

Visionary Architects

who believe vision is a fully painted picture that produces passion in you and in those around you.

It includes 3 PHASES: Building the framework, Stretching the canvas, Painting and creating the tapestry.  We assist in the integrity and design of system, strategy, and structures.

Righteously Radical

in pursuit of becoming more like Jesus. We are declared righteous even though experientially we are fellow strugglers. We are thought leaders who think outside of the box. We are misfits committed to an extreme way of living. We are advocates for change.

The mission of Jesus is the Church.  We are not talking about buildings and programs.  We are talking about a community of believers on a hunt for wisdom and pilgrims on an adventure to explore God’s creation and live out our purpose in our generation. Our goal is for every member to be on mission. We are committed to loving God and loving people in that order. We embrace a presence of belonging before believing. We are more concerned about where you are going than where you have been.

Living Our Beliefs

The practical playout of what we believe.

In essential beliefs — we have unity.

“There is one Body and one Spirit…there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of us all…”  Eph. 4:4-6

In non-essential beliefs — we have liberty.

“Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters…  Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?  To his own master he stands or falls…  So then each of us will give an account of himself to God…  So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God.”  Romans 14:1,4,12,22

In all our beliefs — we show charity.

“…If I hold in my mind not only all human knowledge but also the very secrets of God, and if I have the faith that can move mountains — but have no love, I amount to nothing at all.”  1 Cor. 13:2 

Our Code

The dna of Breathe.

To follow the code maintains health.

We believe everyone was created in the image of God.

We see disciple-making as the call of every believer.

We recognize the Bible as God’s absolute authority on our lives.

We will influence our community so that if we left, it would be obvious.

We intentionally move people into biblical community.

We craft our gatherings/communities so they impact people’s lives every day.

We invest in children and students… the “now generation”

We feel the church is the safest place to address any subject.

We view stewardship through the lens of generosity.

We pursue excellence in everything, so God gets the credit.

We strive to balance grace and truth.

We value to protect unity within the body.

We prioritize prayer as foundational and essential to everything we do.

We will not budge from the mission to make disciples; everything else is just an experiment.

Paradigm Shifts

The intentional shift that is required to move from a previous mindset to a new one. (New Wineskins)


Don’t Think: Human strategy as the power.

THINK PLANTING the Gospel in existing networks of relationships.

Don’t Think: Extracting people so we can “disciple” them in church.


Don’t Think: Knowledge-based discipleship.


Don’t Think: Lecture-based teaching.


Don’t Think: Send the gifted experts.


Don’t Think: Discipleship only means one on one.


Don’t Think: Evangelism THEN discipleship.


Don’t Think: Addition.


Don’t Think: “Program Church.”

THINK “WE” as in ONE God, ONE Church, ONE Lost Sheep.

Don’t Think: “my” brand or name.  (Open Resourcing / White Labeling)

hub: (breathe church)

// a mission support system (Breathe Church) for coaching, training, and back office resources.  An apostolic team utilizing a shared space to fuel and equip a network of missionaries/shepherd leaders and breathe communities in a city or region.

collective: (breathe)

// a decentralized network of missionaries and microchurches within a geographic area or affinity group who choose to share overseeing elders, mission, resources, and gatherings.

pilgrims journey:  (roadmap) 

training and equipping plan for missionary/shepherd leaders

// the path to making disciples who make disciples, who plant the seed of Jesus into the soil resulting in multiplication and expansion.

  • extraordinary prayer and fasting
  • living as missionaries (on mission)
  • leaders are developed and deployed
  • plant the Gospel by learning how to love your neighbor
  • church emerges
  • multiplication and expansion


There are 2.3 billion “Christians” in the world. They are not all your brand and they do not all use your operating system. They may be Catholic, or Pentecostal, or Orthodox, or Evangelical, or Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Independent, and on and on. They may be Prevailing/Traditional or Microchurch.  We all have our uniquenesses, backgrounds, denominations, callings, and the tribes and targets that God has called us to.

If you say:

  • do you believe Jesus is the son of God? Yes.
  • do you believe in the Trinity: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit? Yes.
  • do you believe the Bible is God’s Word given to us? Yes.
  • do you believe Christ died on the cross for our sins and that he was raised from the dead? Yes.
  • do you believe that one only becomes a believer by placing their trust in Jesus alone for salvation? Yes.
  • do you believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in, fills us, and empowers us for ministry/mission? Yes.
  • do you believe that we are called to share the Great Commandment and the Great Commission? Yes.
  • do you believe that every believer can be on mission? Yes.
  • Do you believe that the name of JESUS is above all names? Yes
  • Do you believe that there is ONE Church and that Jesus is the head of that Church? Yes.

Then we’re on the same team! 

If you love Jesus, we are on the same side. You don’t have to agree with everything we do, and we may not agree with everything you do. If we love Jesus and if we are trusting Jesus, then we are on the same team. 

We are better when we live in unity!


// discovery bible study is the preferred method for gatherings.  The Bible is sufficient and the Holy Spirit is our teacher.  God’s people come together to connect, to discover, and to embrace obedience-based disciple making.  Prayer is the fundamental foundation for growth and multiplication.

Missionary/Shepherd Leader:

// an ordinary person who plants themselves among people who are not yet reached, who demonstrates and proclaims the Gospel, makes new disciples, and postures themselves as servant leaders.

Breathe communities (microchurch)

// an extended spiritual family that lives in everyday gospel community, led by ordinary people, and owns the mission of Jesus in a network of relationships.

We choose to partner with The Southern Baptist Convention and adhere to The Baptist Faith and Message.
The authority of the Word of God alone is sufficient to be the guide for Breathe Community Church.